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Each season, on a divisional basis, there are two competitions for the players to enter, The top 16/12 and Divisional Championships. The results from the beginning are shown below.


Top 16 and Top 12 Winners
In 1989, with sponsorship from Huon Haulage, a new competition, The Top 16, was launched for the Premier Division. The top 16 players, based on percentage wins, were invited to compete.
In 1999 a similar competition was launched for the other leagues, this time concentrating on the top 12 players in each division.
In 2018, due to a drop of interested competitors for the Top 16 event the Premier Division was brought in line with the other divisions and changed to Top 12.
Top 16 and Top 12 Winners.pdf
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Divisional Winners
The first records of Divisional Champions are from the 1955/56 season when we see that all eight divisions had named champions in the following year’s handbook. There are a number of season’s where we do not have records for, notably 1958/59; 1963/64; 1974/75 and 1999/2000. We are unable to say who won, or even if the events took place during these seasons.
Divisional Winners.pdf
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